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CMV - Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, CMV, have the function of evacuating the addicted air from moist compartments like kitchens and bathrooms and inject new air into the main compartments such as bedrooms and living rooms. This process has an advantageous aspect, since it is possible to recover the internal ambient temperature by a process of heat exchange between the additive air and the fresh air.

Conforfluide's facilities aim to ensure certain ambient air conditions for the different building typologies (residential, commercial or industrial) in order to maintain comfort parameters and indoor air quality in all facilities.

In order to fulfill the objectives of the company we seek solutions taking into account the requirements of the contractor and the types of activity that will be developed in the various locations.  Fundamentally given that the aspects of comfort, safety and reliability, never discoloring the Energy efficiency of the building.

Our main goal is to obtained solutions that pass through the neutralization of air through specific air treatment units (in our case VAM's), which in addition to the renovation of the ambient air take advantage of approximately 70% of the thermal of the additive air transferring it to the new air to be introduced, reducing the energy load of the air conditioning system, through a cross-flow operation exchanger.